Stuck Between Worlds

Chris Bilauca

Friday, June 06, 2014

The most uncomfortable position is for someone to be in the desert. Stuck between the world and the power of God’s flowing power, they’ve got the worst of both worlds. They’re not allowed to enjoy the futile pleasures of this world, nor do they experience the abundant life that Jesus promises.

The desert is a necessary part of our journey, but it need not be long. The sooner we decide to die, the sooner we’ll be ushered into life. But many Christians, in thinking death is too painful, instead opt to take it “one step at a time.” Instead of all in, they try to die a little by little. This is about as ridiculous an approach as cutting off parts of your body piece by piece, thinking it will be easier than simply running a short sword through your heart! Which is better, to start severing your fingers one by one, then your arm when you see that fingers aren’t doing it, then legs and so on? That’s literally torture. Just die already. Count the cost: Following Christ isn’t just going to cost you just that one bad relationship, or the way you handle money, or the NetFlix series you watch; it’s going to cost you everything. That’s the cost. Are you willing? If not, then carefully evaluate where you want to be, and if following Christ is even something you’re willing to do. Stop being lukewarm! That’s the worst place to be in God’s eyes too. Not only are you yourself miserable, but you’re giving Him a bad rap because you call yourself a Christian and the world is confused by the disconnect between what you preach and what you do. He says Christians like this make Him vomit.

This is real, this ain’t your mama’s religion anymore. Sit down and evaluate where you are. If you’re in the desert, make the intentional step of casting yourself forward in full faith on the one you profess to believe. Put everything else behind you; you’ve dabbled in the in-between for long enough. You were meant for so much more, but He can’t lead you to those promises until you relinquish all control to Him and simply believe.

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