About Us

Who we are

Treasures for Troubles is a Romanian youth organization who’s aim is to inspire Romanian youth to live missionally for Jesus Christ, strengthen unity, and motivate a new generation to step into kingdom leadership.

What we do

We organize a Haiti mission trip each year that brings together youth from all over North America for the purpose of introducing them to the heart of God for the impoverished, the forsaken and the forgotten. God has given us a vision for Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, and an assignment to mobilize the Romanian youth of America to invest a week of their time for a deeper experience with Him, His people, and also with those who are not yet His.
We can’t wait to see what God will do on the next missions trip!

Our History

Treasures for Troubles started under the direction of the Holy Spirit on Oct 15, 2012 after a Monday night Bible Study at Bethel Romanian Pentecostal Church in Windsor, ON, Canada. Marius Petean, a young man from church, had a dream of God wanting to do something great among the youth in North America, and as he was telling us, Ruth had the revelation it may be a missions organization. We prayed on the spot and we asked God for a name. The Bible opened to Mathew 6:21 and the name Treasures for Troubles came out of it. We also knew that we had to go on a missions trip. We decided to go to Haiti because God put it on Ruth’s heart to go there since the spring of 2012. Over the next couple of weeks, we found the Mission of Hope Haiti organization, and we built a partnership with them which continues to this day!

Why you should join us

If you feel God’s tug on your heart about there being more to life than what you are experiencing right now, we invite you to come with us on a journey of finding out who God called you to be, why you’re here, and how you can offer Christ to a world without Him.
Under great spiritual leadership, and in an environment that fosters both team unity and personal devotion, you will experience Jesus in a deeper way so, out of your overflow, you may minister to those who are in pain and perishing. We invite you to share this journey with us, and with others, so that Haiti will be a cornerstone in your life, and also in those lives who God touches through you.

Trip Leaders

Ruth Potocean

Youth Leader, T4T Founder

Dominican Republic 2021, Guatemala 2019, Haiti 2013-2015, Haiti 2017 Trip Leader

Bethany Romanian Church of God

Windsor, ON, Canada

Florin (Juni) Matei

Dominican Republic 2021 Trip Leader

Youth Leader

Bethel Romanian Pentecostal Church

Nashville, TN

Phillip Ianchici

Guatemala 2019 Trip Leader, Haiti 2015 Worship Leader

Make Jesus Known Gatherings Co-Founder

Bethany Romanian Church

Charlotte, NC

Cristian Forgaciu

Guatemala 2019 Trip Leader

Elder (presbiter)

Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church

Troy, MI

Othniel Maidaniuc

Haiti 2016-2017 Trip Leader

Youth Leader

First Romanian Pentecostal Church

Romulus, MI

Priscila Bercea

Haiti 2016 Trip Leader

First Romanian Pentecostal Church

Romulus, MI

Flaviu & Amy Forgaciu

Haiti 2015-2016 Trip Leaders

Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church

Troy, MI

Jon and Raluca Tirlea

Haiti 2014-2016 Trip Leaders

Full-time Missionaries - Hellenic Ministries - Athens, Greece

Formerly: Bethesda Romanian Pentecostal Church

Troy, MI

Chris & Ana Bilauca

Haiti 2013 Trip Leader

Youth Director

Bethany Romanian Church of God

Windsor, ON, Canada


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