Airborne Spiritual Inertia

Chris Bilauca

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Living by His Spirit: It’s a little like flying an airplane. While we’re walking with Him, deliberately maintaining fellowship with Him inside ourselves, we’re good: Altitude is maintained, cockpit lights stay green, cabin pressure stable. When we lose that connectivity, things go south, and we begin going down. Gauges start spinning, red lights start flashing, warning sirens are beeping, cabin pressure drops, and emergency oxygen masks drop. I feel our typical Christian lives are spent gaining and losing altitude, constantly flipping between times of momentary elevation – times spent in prayer and receiving strength in our inner person, and times of slowly losing altitude, worrying about the terra below us and the alarming rate at which we approach it. We were never meant to land. In fact, we were never meant to walk the earth again. Or so we were told when we were saved. “Soar on wings as eagles, they said, and rise on the strength of the Lord.” And so it is. And yet we insist that our airborne status can be maintained by the same force we relied upon on earth: Self-effort. It’s only when we’re about to crash that we give serious thought to switching power sources and we begin to regain altitude. Majority of the time though, most of us are just coasting. Inertia of a previous spiritual experience is the only thing keeping us up. We can’t help it! We’re so used to it. Plus, giving it up also means losing some things that we rather enjoy..

No one likes the knowledge that they’re running on fumes, particularly at 10,000 feet. But only those who diligently seek the permanent solution to their problem will find the answer. The ones who shut off the plane’s short-subject entertainment material and stop stewardess service – the ones who exert serious effort to cease from all distractions and focus on finding the solution. The rest – the majority – who content themselves with the life support of the oxygen masks whilst being distracted by the entertainment facilities of the vessel, are in grave danger of crashing, and bringing others down with them. Don’t be a majority statistic. Few are those who find and live in God’s Truth. The sideliners to the narrow path will try to dissuade you with common sense, but their trust in what is seen belies the very faithlessness that caused them to stray.

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