Haiti 2017

Haiti 2017

Our 5th mission trip to Haiti was May 6-13, 2017.  Our team of 56 young people, from 7 states and 3 different countries, worked in the village of Simonette, a small coastal town of about 4000 residents.

With God’s help, and the financial help of many churches and individuals represented on the team, we were able to complete/sponsor the following projects:

  • 1 house
  • 1 church repair
  • 1 latrine
  • 1 roof repair
  • 1 agriculture project
  • 2 home restorations
  • 4 kids clubs (VBS + feeding program)
  • 4 days of dental clinic (dentist + dental assistant)
  • 4 days of mobile medical clinics (physician’s assistant + 3 nurses)
  • 12 solar panels installed
  • 12 water filters installed
  • 23 pairs of goats distributed
  • 60 fruit trees planted

In all these projects, the gospel was proclaimed and the message of Christ was explained, while meeting the needs of the villagers.  Team members were encouraged to share the gospel via translator and they were given bracelets which outlined the plan of salvation in a very simple way.
Apart from village ministry/projects time, our team also had the opportunity to spend time together in the morning at small groups and also in the evening again at small groups + worship/prayer time.  During the two daily small groups, our team was split into groups of 10-11 people, and apart from going through a special MOH missions devotional, everyone also got to share their experiences of the day and pray together.  Small groups was an amazing part of this year, and it was an amazing way of allowing a large team to connect in a personal way.

During worship and prayer time in the evenings, Flav Forgaciu delivered powerful messages and the team was encouraged to pray for the spiritual and physical protection of the group.  God came through in a powerful way and even delivered people from spiritual oppresion and set them free in a tangible way!

We were blessed to have an amazing team of leaders this year, with Oti Maidaniuc being a key component of ensuring everything ran smoothly on the ground.

We thank everyone who participated this year and we look forward to a powerful 2018 year where we hope to extend our reach beyond Haiti!


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