His Righteous, Never Forsaken

Chris Bilauca

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Beware the subtlety of using God’s promise as a means to justify idolatry. When His promise aligns with my desire, when the promise of Isaac is what this Abraham has longed for, the temptation of subtle idolatry is very near. A Haggar, with which to fulfill your desire – err.. I mean, fulfill God’s plan – is right at your disposal. Will you exercise your own efforts in an attempt to gain your desires? This is a tricky one where God’s Word must divide, skillfully filleting the bone from the marrow. God’s promise will be your #1 excuse to proceed. “God wills it, I will attain it!” The former is true. But the latter is our error. If God wills it, God will provide! What’s it to you when and how He does it?

Think about it: I want it to come about; it’s my desire as well! If it were an innocuous promise, something I didn’t really care much about, it’d be a lot easier to sit back and wait for God. But when our desire determines our actions, we are living according to the flesh. So to rest in God is to wait for Him patiently. To rest in God is to be promised something amazing, and to resist the urge to attain it by our own means. Look at David: He was promised the throne of Israel! He would be king to replace Saul. In jealously, Saul spent most of his time pursuing David to kill him. And on more than one occasion, God orchestrated situations where Saul’s life was easily within David’s reach! The first time it was arguably risky: killing a king in the midst of his sleeping camp might awaken others. He passed that test anyway, saying he would not lift his hand against the Lord’s anointed one. But if the first time was risky, the second time was in the bag: Saul was going #2 in a cave, alone, and David and his entire army “happened” to be hiding in that same cave. Yet still, David’s response was the same. Even against the “prophetic” beckoning of his friends, “the Lord has given Saul into your hands! Act now!” David refused to lift his own hand against the Lord’s anointed. Wow. Faith. And what happened? Saul indeed died. By God’s providence, Saul was defeated in battle. So far did David’s conviction of letting God work and honoring His anointed, that David killed the Amalekite who in mercy helped the fatally wounded Saul take his own life. This is the perfect picture of one who’s more interested in God’s will and provision, above their own desire. Such a one God cannot ignore. Such a one God has never forsaken. God is faithful to those who wait on Him. His righteous – those who live by faith – will never be put to shame.

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