The Universal Language

Chris Bilauca

Friday, May 24, 2013

Love. Nothing speaks louder. I can come with theories that would make the greatest intellect sit back in reflection. I can be funny, intelligent, beautiful, cool, but none of this is universal. The simpleton will find the theories a bore. Cultural differences might cause others to find my other attributes strange or offensive. Love, however, is the language that no mortal can deny. When love is in action, it is impossible to ignore. At its root, love is impervious to misinterpretation; no one who observes an act of love can think they are observing something else. If we question motive, it’s only because of the gravity that true love carries. It’s what our heart truly longs for. Fascinating to think that love is an indisputable common thread among us as mortals, woven throughout the very fiber of our being. And it’s this very language by which God has chosen to reach out. Why would you give, knowing much will go to waste? Why would you sacrifice your best, when it’s not deserved? Why would you care, when you’ve only ever received rejection? It defies logic. It defies intuition. It defies what’s rightly deserved. It’s love. In this light, it is no small matter to say that God is love. It is no small matter to know that you are loved by Him. It is no small matter to be a carrier of this love to others.

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